Donor Stories


"I’ve been blessed to work at Forrest General for 35 years. During this time, we’ve grown but it’s still a family environment. I give to the Foundation because we’re a family who looks after each other and our community.”
Kay Taylor
Food and nutrition admin. Assistant
I have seen first-hand the generosity of employee giving through the Foundation’s support of the Asbury Hospice House. The hospice house is a dream we’d been praying for, and through the Foundation’s fundraising, it’s a reality. I'm thankful for the Foundation and I know their next project of improving internet connections at Forrest Health facilities will make a difference. We have patients whose family members want to sit with them but need to work. Wi-fi hotspots will allow them to get on their computer while at the Hospice House.”
Becky Pardue
Asbury Hospice House Assistant Director
“I’ve given to the Foundation for several years because I believe in the programs they support. The Foundation seems to know what we need, whether it’s hospice care, employee assistance, or improving wi-fi connections. And then they make it happen.”
Andrew Khandijan
system Environmental services director
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